Game: Pumpkins vs. Monsters

Creator: RunnerGames.Studios
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Here's one appropriate game! There are seven columns of monsters which are attacking you furiously. Your mission is to to throw pumpkins and deflect them. It's quite good time killer :P


App: Ringdroid

Creator: Ringdroid Team
Type: Media & Video
Description: Open source ringtone editor. Create your own ringtone, alarm, or notification sounds from an existing audio file, or record a new one directly on the device.


App: Tiny Compass

Creator: Nikolay Ananiev
Type: Tools
Description: Nothing much to say here, simple and useful compass app. 


App: History Eraser

Creator: Infoline LLC
Type: Productivity
Description: Very simple and effective cleaner. Deletes Apps cache, browser & market search history, clipboard and several other things.


App: Foodspotting

Creator: Foodspotting
Type: Travel & Local
Description: Innovative way to find nearest and best foods around you. Search particular food or look up a restaurant and see whats on their menu. Contribute by sharing photos of meals you've found and tell where to find them.


App: Juice Defender

Creator: Latedroid
Type: Utility
Description: You just have to tap one button and it's on, simple as that! But if you want, there is also possibility to supervise every battery draining components of your phone, with option do adjust each one. Every setting is detaily explained so you should have no problems customizing your own setting.


App: Vibration Meter

Creator: Smart Tools co.
Type: Tools
Description: This cool app transforms your phone into seismograph. Measures your phone's vibrations and sorts them into 10 groups (from vibration felt only by animals to total destruction). Uses MMI scale (Modified Mercalli Intensity).


App: Wheres My Droid

Creator: alienmanfc6
Type: Tool
Description: This app is used to retrieve your lost phone. By sending activation SMS you can set your phone's ringing to max, turn vibration on, or if needed, get your device's GPS coordinates. Might come in handy if you loose your phone (even if your own room) with silent mode on.


Game: MatchUp : Exercise your Memory

Creator: Magma Mobile
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: The object is to match pairs of cards. You can choose from 2x2 to 10x10 tables. Every move counts so try to match pairs in as little moves as possible. Have fun!


Game: Break the Bricks

Creator: Candy Mobile
Type: Racing
Description: Play over 60 levels in this challenging brick breaking game. Graphics is quite good, game is very playable and you have three modes of speed.


Game: Missile Defense

Creator: Magma Mobile
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: You have to protect city against enemies missiles. On your side there are three anti-missile batteries. Ammo is limited so you will have to predict missile path and shoot wisely.


Game: GRave Defense HD Free

Creator: ArtOfBytess
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Cool HD tower defense game with good  storyline. Survive waves of zombies over several different terrains. Collect achievements, upgrade towers, beat monsters and be No.1 in online ranking system.


Game: Burn the Rope

Creator: Big Blue Bubble
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: This is quite challenging game where you have to burn as much rope as you can. Since fire burns upwards, you have to tilt and turn your device to achieve your goal! Later on, there will be different bugs crawling on ropes. Every bug has its own reaction to the flame, so you will have to find right combination to burn different ropes!


Game: Unblock Me

Creator: Kiragames
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Slide blocks and make room for red one to get out of the board. Very addictive and great time killer.


Game: Balance It

Creator: Ndroidz Software
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Stack different shapes onto given path, but you have to achieve balance so that shapes do not fall off the screen. Free version has 54, and paid over 100lvls.


App: MoboPlayer

Creator: Mobo Team
Type: Media & Video
Description: Very good video player that supports virtually all video formats (just choose "software decoding" mode), all subtitles built in MKV MPV MOV and other are loaded without problems. Media library has thumbnail display of videos and supports sorting videos by type. Videos can be streamed through HTTP and RTSP protocols.


App: Bluetooth File Transfer

Creator: Medieval Software
Type: Communication
Description: Enables you to explore and manage files on your bluetooth devices using FTP connection. It can also compress, extract and search files in zip or tar archives.


App: Adobe Photoshop Express

Creator: Adobe Systems
Type: Image editing
Description: This version is not as powerful as one for desktop computer but still there are enough tools to edit your photos. There is also option to access your pictures that are stored online on your free adobe account.


App: PowerAMP Music Player

Creator: Max MP
Type: Music & Audio
Description: Besides regular audio files like mp3 and wav this powerful music player also supports flac, ape, wv, tta, cue and ogg files. Some of its features are tag editor, lock screen option, few different widgets and option to download missing album art. This is free trial version (15 days).


App: Do it (Tomorrow)

Creator: Adylitica, Inc.
Type: Organiser
Description: Do It Tomorrow lets you give yourself reminders for today, but makes it really easy to push things off to tomorrow. User Interface is very clean looking; virtual notebook with to-do list for today and tomorrow. App also features with few widgets for home screen where you can easily check your undone tasks. App is (like every app I review) free, but you have to pay for widgets.


App: Smart Measure

Creator: Smart Tools co.
Type: Tools
Description:  Cool app for measuring height, width or distance of any object using trigonometry.


App: K-9 Mail

Creator: K-9 Dog Walkers
Type: Mail client
Description: K-9 Mail is one of the best mail client on the market and it's free! Supports both IMAP and POP3, multiple accounts, filling, signatures, mail on SD and everything else mail client could have. I've been using it for almost a year now and I have nothing to complain about. You should definitely try this one!


Game: GT Racing: Motor Academy

Creator: Gameloft
Type: Racing
Description: One of the richest racing simulation for Android. Pass driving tests and win races to progress as you unlock more cars and events with in-game credits and XP. Check out short video at the end of post for a brief game play preview.


Game: Football Kicks

Creator: Distinctive Wireless Inc.
Type: Sports
Description: Personalize your player, master his free kicks and earn coins to purchase a customized kit, unlock more stadiums and more. Game offers three play modes: Beat the Wall, Beat the Clock and Sudden Death mode.


Game: Air Hockey Speed

Creator: Hyperkani
Type: Sports
Description: Classic air hockey game, it's quite simple but can be challenging on higher levels.


Game: Drag Racing

Creator: Creative Mobile
Type: Racing
Description: Choose between 50+ cars, buy performance upgrades, tune it up and drag race at this exciting game.


Game: Reckless Racing Lite

Creator: Polarbit
Type: Racing
Description: Fun top-down mud cars racing game. There are three steering modes and I suggest you to try them all to see which one suits you the best. At first it is hard, but after some time spent playing around and getting used to the driving physics game is really fun and easy to play!


Game: Diversion

Creator: Ezone.com
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: I really do not know how to describe this game. Reminds me of Spyro the Dragon, game for Play Station 1 I used to play as a kid. All I can say it's well tough-out, with over 150 characters and 100 levels. Check out the video for better preview.


Game: Air Control

Creator: Four Pixels
Type: Casual
Description: In this exciting and addictive game your job is to direct airplanes and helicopters to runways while avoiding collisions.


App: WhatsApp Messenger

Creator: WhatsApp Inc.
Type: Communication
Description: Innovative messenger that enables you to send multimedia and text to your buddies via internet. It automatically links users to their phone number, thus there's no need for adding contacts or having account to log in or out. 


App: Visual Anatomy Free

Creator: Image Magic Studio
Type: Medical
Description: Educational post today! This free version offers 12 high-resolution images and more than 200 feature points which can be interactively selected. Each feature has its own label and short description.  In additional, a quiz with 23 multi-choice questions also is included.
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