Game: Aliens Invasion

Creator: iTreeGamer
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Goes well with that Cowboys and Aliens - the movie. Shoot aliens to earn money, spend money on ammo and new weapons to be even more effective. On begging, use gun rationaly, so you do not end up killing aliens with knife instead of big mighty gun.


Game: Raging Thunder Lite

Creator: Polarbit
Type: Racing
Description: Another car racing game with good graphics and satisfying physics. Supports online multiplayer mode.


App: Tuner - gStrings

Creator: cohortor.org
Type: Tools
Description: Ad supported tuner for any musical instrument (violin, guitar, bass, piano etc.). It can come in handy if you are musician.


App: PhotoFunia

Creator: PhotoFunia
Type: Photography
Description: Fun app to play with your photos; choose over 150 scenes to apply and turn yourself into Mona Lisa or a bodybuilder.


App: Trip Advisor

Creator: TripAdvisor
Type: Travel & Local
Description: Access to more than 50.000.000 reviews of hotels, restaurants and more! Must-have app to plan your vacation. Also offers a virtual tour; street-level view of your destination with list of nearby attractions.


App: Google Translate

Creator: Google Inc.
Type: Tools
Description: Instantly translate text between more than 50 languages. Supports text-to-speech, history and option to favorite your translates.


App: Advanced Task Killer

Creator: ReChild
Type: Productivity
Description: If your phone starts running slow, you should download this app to kill tasks that you do not need. Advanced version has options like auto kill and ignore list so once you set up rules you're good to go. If you want simpler version (tap on app to kill) than try Lite version of this app.


App: Speedtest.net Mobile

Creator: Ookla
Type: Tools
Description: The most simplest and fastest speed testing tool to use. Choose between given servers to test your download and upload speed. Keeps data of your previous testings so you can keep track of it.


App: Music Download

Creator: Liu_xuan
Type: Music & Audio
Description: There's nothing much to tell, simple app for downloading FREE music and lyrics from the Internet.


Game: Tattoo Tycoon

Creator: HandyGames
Type: Arcade & Action
Description:Run your own tattoo studio in this challenging tycoon game. Go trough 6 scenarios and complete over 50 tasks. Decorate studio, manage employees, design your own tattoos and expand your business!


Game: Bubble Maniac

Creator: Reverie
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Classic bubble shooting game with over 200 levels. In addition to classic, there is also advanced mode where you have access to special balls like bomb, fire, wild color and few other.


Game: Bubble Blast 2

Creator: Magma Mobile
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description:  In this entertaining game your goal is to burst bubbles in order to trigger a chain reaction. Choose Arcade mode to play freely, or puzzle to play around 6000 levels.


Game: Dragon, Fly!

Creator: Four Pixels
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Help your young dragon get over hills while his protective mother tries to get him back to the nest! You have to build up momentum while sliding down the hill so you can spread your still undeveloped wings and get some air time while going off the hill.


Game: Fishing

Creator: GameLink
Type: Sports
Description: Help your fish survive in ocean. Hunt fishes smaller than yours and flee from bigger ones. Eat enough to grow bigger.


Game: X Construction

Creator: CrossConstruct
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Fun but short bridge constructing game. Your task is to build a bridge over a valley with given amount of materials. In Lite version there are 21 levels.


App: Ice Galaxy

Creator: maxelus.net
Type: Personalization
Description: Four cool live wallpapers of different constellations, check out the video for the preview. 


App: News360 for Phones

Creator: News360 LLC
Type: News & Magazines
Description: Displays news from more than 4000 sources including photos and video covering the story. The semantic analysis technology creates feeds based on your specific interest and personalize the news according to your location.


App: NASA App

Creator: NASA
Type: Education
Description: Interesting app from NASA provides you with tons of pictures, videos, missions infos, countdown clocks, ISS (International Space Station) tracker, NASA TV streaming and much more.


App: Buildings

Creator: OpenBuildings Inc
Type: Travel & Local
Description: Some architects had a lot of spare time so they made this app and over 40,000 buildings in it's database. It shows building's address, info, description and user comments. Can use your GPS location to show you nearby buildings and allows you to add photos and comments of buildings you've visited.


App: Androidify

Creator: Google Inc.
Type: Entertainment
Description: This app lets you customize little green martian that is android's logo. There are lots of option so in the end if you are creative enough you can make real person's look-alike. After your customized midget is done, you can share him on various sites like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa or via e-mail, bluetooth and few others. For more info check the video at the end of the post.


App: Official eBay Android App

Creator: eBay Mobile
Type: Shopping
Description: Easily browse, buy and sell with this official e-bay app. Must-have for all Android  users that often shop on e-bay.


App: Bump

Creator: Bump Technologies, Inc
Type: Social
Description: This innovative app lets you to share photos, apps and contacts between any other Android-powered device or Iphone. Very useful if you want to transfer multiple files, like photos. On start, you have to fill your personal info (Name, email, phone number), and your profile is created! Now you have to only select items to transfer and bump with other device and that's it!


Game: Speedy Fish

Creator: Magma Mobile
Type: Casual
Description: Protect oceanic environment from blobs that threaten to extinguish center of this fragile ecosystem  - sponges. Game is very fun but can be frustrating sometimes so if you don't have patience you better skip this one.


Game: 7 Little Words

Creator: Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Innovative and challenging app, offers a good brain workout. Match 20 letter groups to find the seven words that matches 7 given clues. Game has 10 categories (0,99c to unlock them) and in free version one is available.



Game: AirAttack HD Part 1

Creator: Art In Games
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Top down air combat shooter with great sound and visual effects. You control plane(s) and destroy various air and land targets. Takes a bit more space but supports App2SD so it's ok.


Game: Chess Free

Creator: AI Factory Limited
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Simple chess game with features like keeping track of every move in the game, stats, preview of available moves, game and move timer.

Game: Greedy Spiders

Creator: Blyts Mobile
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Free your bugs from evil spider's net in this thrilling and addicting puzzle game. Game has around 60 levels and more are added constantly.


Game: Space Jump

Creator: Candy Mobile
Type: Sports
Description: This is yet another Icy Tower style game. Goal is to climb as high as you can before bottom of the screen crushes you. On your way up you will have to deal with monsters and aliens.


Game: Glow Hockey

Creator: Natenai Ariyatrakool
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Fun air hockey game with shiny graphics. Good time passer.
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