App: Wolfram Alpha

Creator: Wolfram Alpha, LLC
Type: Encyclopedia
Description: Features-loaded encyclopedia which gives you short, quick and relevant search results. I find it most useful for solving complex math tasks such as calculating matrices, derivations, integrals and differential equation. This really helped me in my first year of college (got an B in math 1 and A in math 2), so I reccomend it to everyone who needs a bit help in math, or just simply for checking their results!
UPDATE: This is not android-only app, you can access Wolfram's knowledge engine via your PC, which I also strongly recommend! You can also take quick tour to see what is this engine all about!


App: Inventor Publisher Viewer

Creator: Autodesk Inc.
Type: Productivity
Description: This is app for Inventor publisher's users. Enables you to preview models you've made on your desktop computer.


App: ES Security Manager

Creator: EStrongs Inc.
Type: Security
Description: Another app from Estrongs, this time focus is on security and recovery. Adds password to your SMS, dialer and contacts so that others can't go through them. It also has Threat detector and option to backup your data to Gmail. If your phone is lost, you can lock it by sending SMS with keyword.


App: WiFi Finder

Creator: JiWire Inc.
Type: Travel & Local
Description: Search for free and paid public Wi-Fi when you don't have a connection. Offline hotspots database contains around 500,000 free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots in over 144 countries.


App: rrTimeLapse

Creator: Jernej Kranjec
Type: Photography
Description: Very simple app for timelapse photography. It supports resolution selection, start/stop timer or continuous shooting, amount of lapse time (10s minimum) and auto focus selection.


Game: Apache Attack

Creator: The Game Boss
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: You are the only man alive, take your Apache helicopter and destory all of your enemies. Collect health up bonuses to survive trough the fight.


Game: Tank Hero

Creator: Clapfoot Inc.
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Great action game with both survival and campaign mode featuring 120 levels and few weapons to choose from.


Game: Manic Mechanics Lite

Creator: Oleg Games
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Cool physics-based game where you have to arrange given objects to complete goal. Lite version has 10 lvls, and full 64.


Game: Memory Trainer

Creator: Urbian
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Improve your memory and concentration with this trainer. There are no levels or scores, just simple trainer.


Game: Labyrinth Lite

Creator: Illusion Labs
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Your goal is to guide steel ball trough labyrinth by tilting your device. Game is really fun and addictive, but lite version has only 10 levels. Full version has more than 1000 levels.


Game: Bottle Shoot

Creator: Droid Hermes
Type: Casual
Description: Relieve your stress by smashing bottles with rocks. Simple, yet fun and good time passer.


Game: Battle Ludo

Creator: SohoMob
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Simple Ludo game with multiplayer support. Goal is to make whole circle around the course while avoiding other player that can jump on your plane send it back to it's starting position. If you roll six you get an extra roll, but if you roll three of six's in a row, all your figures are sent back to beginning. AI's have 3 lvls of difficulty.


App: Sound Meter

Creator: Smart Tools co.
Type: Tools
Description: This app uses your phone's microphone to measure noise level in decibels . First picture shows diffidence in readings between several devices and second one is actual UI.


App: Android Pro Widgets

Creator: Dr. Appche
Type: Productivity
Description: Pack of various widgets for Agenda & calendar, people, bookmarks, messaging, facebook and more.


App: Team Viewer

Creator: TeamViewer
Type: Remote control
Description: This app allows you to remotely connect to your (or any other device using T.Viewer). I use it on my phone as well on PC and it is brilliant! Completely free and easy to use. You can create list of users so you can easily reconnect with them. Normally, every time when user starts "server" he/she gets unique ID number and random 4 digit password, so good thing to do is to make customized app for every user where you can set predefined password which makes connecting much more easier. To make your "customized" Team Viewer server for PC go to their site.


App: Microsoft Tag

Creator: Microsoft Tag
Type: Productivity
Description: I guess this is Microsoft's rival to QR codes. Scan Microsoft tag and acces info, videos, and other material online. It also gives you a visual history of your last 15 Tags and allows you to flag and organize your faves.


App: ES File Explorer

Creator: EStrongs Inc.
Type: File manager
Description: This app has more than 10 million users, and there is a reason why. It is versatile all-in-one file & app manager, multimedia viewer, ftp manager and more. For full description check File Explorer on Market.


App: Simple Voice Changer

Creator: Twiscon Software
Type: Entertainment
Description: This tool allows you to record your voice and apply funny effects like echo, helium, chipmunk and several others.


App: Maverick

Creator: Code Sector
Type: GPS Navigation, offline maps
Description: Off-road GPS navigator with offline maps support, compass and track recording. Supports OSM, Google, NokiaOvi, Bing and more than 10 other maps which are all automatically cached for offline use. There is also an option to download maps on PC via MOBAC (Mobile atlas creator) and use it offline. Another great thing is association with site where you can plan your route on PC and then simply download it to your smartphone or record your track with Maverick and than upload it to net.


Game: Bee Avenger

Creator: Jera
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Avoid obstacles, collect various items and pass all levels to catch bear that has stolen your bee hive.


Game: Herman the Hermit

Creator: Capcom Mobile
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Fast paced jumping game. Cool visual effects and achievements to collect. Click "see more" to watch video attached.


Game: My Country

Creator: Cooper Media Corp.
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Another city-building game from makers of popular "Paradise Island". It's is very well worked-out and you have to have a good strategy or you will run out of money quite fast. Also, some items needed are so rare to get that makers practically force you to buy premium currency. App requires Android 2.1 or newer.


Game: CJ: Strike Back

Creator: DroidHen
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: City Jump returns! Save the city from aliens using your superhero abilities. Cool new feature of boss added.


Game: Bonsai Blast

Creator: Glu Mobile
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: This is one of best zuma-style games on the market. It has 90 very fun and addictive levels. Grapics are really good and there are a lot of features like fire balls, fog, wind effect etc.


Game: Guns

Creator: Calford
Type: Arcade & Action
Description: Cool shooting range simulation with wide range of guns including handguns, shot guns, sniper rifles, machine guns and my favorite - rocket launchers. Game also includes several targets to choose from.


Game: Blox Roll

Creator: Droid Hermes
Type: Brain & Puzzle
Description: Interesting time-killing game where your goal is to roll blocks from green to red-painted squares, while taking care to not fall of the edges. Currently, game has 25 levels and developer says that more levels will be added periodically.


App: Fast App lock

Creator: George Android
Type: Tools
Description: Select apps you want to secure, put widget on desktop and with one tap lock them all. Unlock by drawing a pattern or input regular password.


App: CamScanner

Creator: IntSig Information Co.,Ltd
Type: Productivity
Description: Great app that creates PDF files of your scanned documents and gives you option to upload them to cloud services like dropbox and google doc. or to send them via mail. Also has basic image editing tools like cropping and color enhancement.


App: App 2 SD

Creator: Sam Lu
Type: Tool
Description: By default, Market installs apps on your phone's internal memory. If app supports instalation on SD card, you can move it with this tool. When you start it, tool will scan for all apps installed on your phone and devide them intro three categories; apps that are on phone and can be moved to SD, apps already moved to SD card and apps installed on phone that cannot be moved to external memory card. This tool can also clear all apps cache to free up your memory.


App: Action Snap

Creator: Oursky Ltd.
Type: Photography
Description: Take multiple photos with one click. Choose a time interval between taking photos from 0.1 to 5 seconds,  select how many pictures to combine and just tap device to start. App also offers few effects to apply to your photos. 
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