App: QR Droid

Creator: DroidLa
Type: Productivity
Description: If you still do not know what is QR code you might read this wikipedia's article about QR codes. Now, this is not just another QR code reader; firstly, when you scan code built in previewer will show you brief info of data stored in code. You can also make your own QR codes, and even implement your logo in it (example in screenshot section). There are also default action rules where you choose what to do when certain type of info is scanned. It also has some cool features like encryption of codes, generating QR codes with your contacts data and scanning codes from image file or URL. Very intuitive and worth downloading.

QR Code:



  1. i already have it and use it :)
    it is very useful when browsing with my phone!

  2. yeah i think i have this one already too

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. These QR codes are taking over, I see them everywhere now. It's crazy! Nice informative post.

  5. I'd need a better phone first. This contract can't end soon enough. :(


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